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The widest range of aquatic programs anywhere!


The YMCA the widest range of aquatic programs anywhere!

Aqua Fitness

We offer an extensive Aqua Fitness program with a wide range of drop-in classes that use the resistance of water to develop muscular strength, while incorporating aerobics and endurance into a workout program.

  • Use water resistance and buoyancy to strengthen muscles and cardiovascular capacity in an easy on the joints way. Modifications will be provided for participants to increase or decrease exercise intensity depending on individual goals.
  • Rehabilitative exercises at your own pace. Anyone with bone or joint conditions or mobility challenges is welcome to participate.
  • Challenge yourself with varying intensity intervals in a bootcamp style class utilizing the water and option of equipment for added resistance.
  • This low-impact class builds strength and stability by using aquatic equipment.
  • Are you tired of training outside? Come inside and cross train in our beautiful pool for a fun but vigorous workout!
  • Challenge yourself in the shallow or deep ends of the pool to this class that focuses on cardio conditioning and muscle strengthening.
  • In this gentle and low impact activity, asanas are performed in our lap pool. This class aims to be more accessible to participants overcoming barriers to physical activity.
  • This program allows new parents to come swim and socialize with other new parents. During this time there will be baby toys and music appropriate for the little ones.
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