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Rentals at YMCA John Island Camp

Summer is right around the corner, why not enjoy it in a cabin or tent at YMCA John Island Camp?

New this year – we are renting our cabins and tents starting in June! We have 16 cabin and 6 tent rentals available with various accommodations for each. Program equipment such as canoes and kayaks will be available for rent during your stay.

Cabin Rentals: starting at $600.00 (Mon-Fri) and $350.00 (Weekend) 
Our 16 options feature a wide variety of accommodations. Some include solar, or electrical lighting, bunk beds, a picnic table, fire pit, beach front, screened-in porches and more!

Platform Tent Rentals: $320.00 (Mon-Fri) and $180.00 (Weekend) 
Similar to cabins, platform tents have a wooden base with canvas walls instead of wood and include 2 beds, a picnic table, and a small fire pit.

Tent Rentals:  $164.00 (Mon-Fri) and $100.00 (Weekend)
A great low-cost option to enjoy the great outdoors! Perfect for families who enjoy traditional camping. Beach front or isolated options are available.

Pick your favourite and enjoy a summer of campfires and happy memories!


Rental groups will be transported to island with their supplies, we will be in contact to arrange boat times.

This is a typical cabin rental, it has a capacity of 10 people max.

Inside view of typical cabin.

Inside health centre

View of screened-in porch in health centre.

The health Centre is one of our forest cabins rentals, it has running water and electricity. This cabin has one double bed in one room and a bunk bed in the other room.

Director's Platform tent. Our platform tents are nice and secluded. Inside is a double bed and shelving.

Lost Lake Tent Site

Outside view of dining hall. Meal packages will be take out style. Groups will also have access to fridge to refrigerate their food.

Shower house

Inside shower house

Washroom facilities

Canoe and Kayaks will be available to rent on site.

Beach area

Volleyball Court


Food Package 1 – Lunch and Dinner:   $150.00 +HST per person  (mon-fri) / $64.00 +HST  per person (weekend)

Food Package 2 – Dinner: $80.00 +HST per person (weekday) / $32.00 +HST per person (weekend)

Single meal: $16.00 +HST (weekend and weekday)


Program Package 2 – 2 program blocks per day (1.5 hr each): $400.00 +HST (mon-fri) / $160.00 +HST (sat-sun)

Program Package 3 – 1 program blocks per day (1.5 hr each): $200.00 +HST (mon-fri) / $80.00 +HST(sat-sun)

Single program (weekend or weekday): $50.00 +HST

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be in contact before your booking to confirm arrival times.

We are located on an island on the North Shore. Upon your set arrival time, you will drive and park at the end of the Walkhouse Bay road. From there we will boat you and your stuff across to the island. Directions can be found here.

Food packages will be available to opt in to for a fee, groups will be able to select a lunch and dinner package or just a dinner package for the length of their stay. We will be in contact to confirm food options with rental groups.

Rental groups will be able to refrigerate things in our fridge. Bins will be supplied to separate groups food and be labelled with their cabin name.

Equipment like canoe and kayaks will be available for rental once you are at the camp. Renters will have access to their cabin/tent/tent site, surrounding trails, beach area, shower (by bookings once you are there).

Programming packages with activities such as sailing, high ropes, nature and arts and crafts, will be available to opt in to for a fee. Other  activities included are the volleyball court, and hiking trails. Swimming will be at your own risk and lifeguards will not be present. Equipment rentals (canoes/kayaks) will be available for a fee.

Renters must adhere to government restrictions that are in place at time of rental.

Dogs will be permitted on site but must remain on leash when in public spaces.

  • Groups will be screened before arriving on site.
  • Boat rides will be separated by group with offset arrival times.
  • Groups will be expected to wear masks while in the boat and when in shared indoor spaces (i.e. in dinning hall, camp office).
  • Rental groups will be expected to maintain physical distance between them and other rental groups.
  • Cabin will be cleaned before and after use, high-use areas (i.e. composting toilets, showers) will be cleaned multiples times a day.

Cancellations will be refunded in full if made 14 day or greater in advance of the booking start date. Less than 14 days’ notice but greater the 36 hours notice will result in the occurrence of a $75 cancelation fee. Those who give less the 36 hours notice will be billed the full booking amount.

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