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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

North Bay Group Fitness Classes

The YMCA offers a variety of fitness classes, with the hope that everyone will find one that meets their individual needs. More than just a fitness centre, the YMCA strives to meet your needs through the classes and activities we offer. People are free to choose a structured class or an independent workout in our facility or combine both. At the YMCA we promote individuality and encourage people to try new things until they find something that works best for them.


This class offers a focus on strength-building and endurance. Members can look forward to a flow of asanas that is also heat-creating, while practicing flexibility and balance. Each class begins with a brief mindfulness meditation that incorporates a different pranayama discipline every week. This class is registered.

A yoga practice that focuses on self-awareness through gentle stretching, balancing postures and posture flows. All stages of experience welcome. This class is registered.

A gentle and restorative yoga class aimed at reducing stress and calming while gradually strengthening and stretching the body. Class may include meditation. This class is registered.

A gentle class designed to increase your flexibility, strength, balance and peace of mind. It will be a blend of standing and seated yoga positions. This class is registered.

Tai Chi is a form of moving meditation. This class incorporates slow gentle rhythmic movements to strengthen the body, improve balance and coordination. This class is registered.

A fitness inspired Yoga program based on exercise and is designed to build strength and flexibility. The class is “Vinyasa” style Yoga. This class is registered.


An interval styled class that will incorporate muscle and cardio components using a variety of fitness equipment. Great for all levels

An energetic based class designed to increase endurance and build lean muscle mass. This class will deliver the most cardio in the least amount of time.

Using your own body weight with the TRX suspension trainer in off cycle exercises to enhance the cardio component of the Cycle class.

Workout using boxing-based exercises to get your heart rate up, jumpstart your metabolism and challenge your core.

High Intensity Interval Training combines short periods of all out cardio with low to moderate muscle-based exercises to give a total body workout in a minimum amount of time.

This class will help you reach your fitness goals by improving muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance through a series of back to back exercises.


Use water resistance and buoyancy to strengthen muscles and cardiovascular capacity in an easy on the joints way. Modifications will be provided for participants to increase or decrease exercise intensity depending on individual goals.

Rehabilitative exercises at your own pace. Anyone with bone or joint conditions or mobility challenges is welcome to participate. This class is registered.

Challenge your cardiovascular, muscle strength and muscle endurance with varying intensity intervals in a bootcamp style class. This full body class will work your arms, legs, core and heart. This class is open to all levels. This is a registered program.

Receive the benefits of running without the impact on your joints as you use water resistance to strengthen and condition your body.

In this gentle and low impact activity, asanas are performed in our lap pool. This class aims to be more accessible to participants overcoming barriers to physical activity. This class is registered.

Resistance Training

Join the Core! Use your own body weight to complete exercises with the TRX suspension trainer. This class promotes the best of core work while building overall muscle strength.

Using a variety of weights, you will work all of your major muscle groups to increase total body strength and lean muscle mass. This workout is focused on a high repetition, low weights principle to gain maximum results.

Challenge the core with this intense workout featuring exercises that target the muscles of the core.

Low Intensity

This fall prevention program is designed for the active senior with a focus on improving balance and leg strength as well as helping to maintain bone density in the areas that are most vulnerable to fracture. The program consists of three components including group exercise, exercising at home and discussion sessions on fall prevention. You do not have to be a member participate in this class however participation is limited to one session per year per non-member.

Join us for a fun and friendly workout. Designed for those wanting to ease into a workout program, this is a go at your own pace class geared towards anyone experiencing muscle or joint issues.


The newest racquet sport has take the YMCA by storm. It’s our most popular racquet sport and for good reason – it’s easy to learn, progression comes quickly and rallies can go on forever. There is nothing better than seeing all ages playing on the court together. With drop-in pickleball times nearly every day of the week you will be hooked in no time! Equipment is available to borrow at our Membership Services desk.

If you are looking to mix your fun and fitness, squash is the sport for you! Squash is the racquet sport best suited for all abilities but that won’t stop you from getting a great work out. With courts available to book or drop in all day every day, you are sure to find plenty of opportunities to play. Make sure you bring a friend for some fun competition! Equipment is available to borrow from our Membership Services desk.

Racquet ball is a game like hand ball that is played in a four-walled court with a short-handled racquet and larger ball. The YMCA has 1 racquet ball court that can be booked in 45-minute intervals.

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