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Learning About Life in Canada and in Ontario

Yes. Since 1982, our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that every Canadian has the right of freedoms which includes freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of peaceful assembly, and freedom of association.

Yes, but it must not be taken for granted. Air and water pollution, as well as food safety, are increasingly important issues. For more information about Canada’s environment, see the Environment Canada Website and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Website.

Yes. Canada prides its self on its multiculturalism. Thousands of people immigrate to Canada every year from various part of the world and live together in peace and tolerance – the Government of Canada encourages people to maintain their heritage and cultural traditions.

Canada’s health care system is publicly funded and covers services that are medically necessary. It is not based on your ability to pay. Known to Canadians as “Medicare”, the system gives you access to a wide range of hospital and physician services. It is best described as a set of 10 provincial and three territorial health insurance plans as each province and territory manages its own health care plan.

Visit the Ontario Government’s Children’s Information Portal for information about Ontario’s child care and school systems.

Canada offers many employment opportunities. Please review the links and resources section of this website for more information on employment support.

Canada offers multiple support services for Newcomers to find a job. Also, the YMCA Employment Services has a wide range of employment programs to help you find work and alternate support that you may need, to help you along your path.

If you have friends or relatives in Canada, you might require their help. However, if you arrive alone there are many free services that can provide you with Settlement information. Please review the links and resources section on this website for more information.

The Federal and Provincial Governments offer language programs; some free and some charge a fee. You can also attend a college or university continuing education course to learn English or French. The YMCA Immigrant Services offers informal English practice sessions weekly, to help your practice your English skills. Our team can help you develop a plan that is best suited to your needs.

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