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John Island Camp

Everyone should have the opportunity
to make endless summer camp memories.

John Island Camp

Everyone should have the opportunity to make those endless summer camp memories.

Drinking Water Information

Water Treatment Procedures and Regulations

Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 and the Drinking-Water Systems Regulation (O. Reg. 170/03) owners and operators of drinking water systems that supply water to the public have responsibilities to ensure that water is safe to drink. Designated facilities provide water to people who may be more susceptible to adverse affects from drinking poor quality drinking water including children. As operators of seasonal residential drinking water systems that serve the designated facilities at Camp Falcona and John Island Camp, YMCA Sudbury is compliant with the regulations that help ensure the health of Ontarians is protected and that drinking water standards are maintained.

John Island Camp follows the appropriate regulations regarding treatment of source water, daily testing, laboratory testing, reporting and water systems maintenance. John Island Camp follows all regulations administered and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, the Sudbury District Health Unit and the Algoma District Health Unit. All records, including records and Annual Reports from past years are available for public viewing at John Island Camp or the YMCA Admin offices at 140 Durham Street in Sudbury.

Water Reports:

Contact Us Anytime Regarding Water Related Issues

Jenny Groom 
Acting Director, John Island Camp
Phone: 705-688-7300 ext. 2121
Phone: 705-285-5111 Summer Camp Season Only

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