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Inclusion Program

Inclusion Program registration process and fee structure

YMCA John Island Camp works to be an inclusive environment regardless of race, sex, gender, ability, or sexual orientation. Each summer we aim to provide a limited number of spots to participants who require would require 1-on-1 staff support and would benefit from camp programming. With recent changes in community partners we have taken on the role of administrator and coordinator for placing participants where they would be successful at our camp. Our summer camp staff receive training on basic behavioural management and accommodations techniques, though overall are only able to provide support to those with mild to moderate disabilities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the inclusion program or intake process please contact Jenny Groom at or 705-688-7300 ext. 2121.

Registration Process:

• Parents/guardians who would like to send their children through the YMCA John Island Camp Inclusion Program are required to contact the camping services office prior to registration

• Once contact has been made with the YMCA John Island Camp General Manager or Assistant Director, they will set up a time to do an intake interview with the individual and their family to ensure that YMCA John Island Camp can accommodate the individual’s needs and there is space available during their requested session.

• If they determine that the individual is a good fit with the inclusion program they are then able to register to the program.

Camper Experience (ages 6-16)

The Camper Experience is available to those who fall into the camper age range, ages 6-16, and would benefit from additional one-on-one staff support when participating in camp programs. Camper will have the opportunity to try and participate in camp programs with their cabin group, while receiving additional support from a one-on-one counsellor. Campers will live in a cabin with 8-10 other campers and spend cabin time, out-trip, and meals with this group. They will also have the chance to choose activities during Personal Choice Activity blocks.

Life Skills Participant (LSP) Experience (age 17 and up)

The Life Skills Participant (LSP) Experience is available to those ages 17 and above, and who would benefit from camp program with the addition of one-on-one staff support. LSPs will have the opportunity to grow practical skills by helping out around camp as well as get the chance to participate in camp programming. LSPs will live in a cabin with other LSPs and their one-on-one support staff. LSPs will spend about 1/3 of their time learning and assisting at camp through helping sort and deliver mail, other office tasks, cabin stars, kitchen/cleaning support, and more. The other 2/3 of their time will be spent attending camp activities, and supporting in program.

Fee Structure:

Little Campers: *To be posted.

Youth Camp A and B: *To be posted.

Adventure Camp A and B: *To be posted.

Little Campers: *To be posted.

Youth Camp A and B: *To be posted.

Adventure Camp A and B: *To be posted.

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