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John Island Camp

Everyone should have the opportunity
to make endless summer camp memories.

John Island Camp

Everyone should have the opportunity to make those endless summer camp memories.

Leadership Development

Leadership participants develop tightly knit groups and a sense of fellowship that is rarely found today. If adventure, challenge and learning are important to you, then our leadership programs are the place for you. At YMCA John Island Camp, we view leadership development as a cornerstone of our program. Becoming a future camp staff member often begins within our leadership training programs. We believe good camp leaders possess a high degree of skill and confidence in the outdoors and a sensitivity to the needs of young people. Our leadership progression is designed to help young people develop greater self confidence, an ability to work in group settings, a wide variety of outdoor skills, and an appreciation for the needs of younger campers.

Although the John Island Leadership Development program is geared toward training potential camp staff, many have found the program to be very beneficial in other future endeavors at school, in seeking part-time employment and in their careers.

Greenway – Leadership 1

Greenway A: Sunday June 28th – Friday July 24th, 2020
Cost: $2705
Greenway B: Sunday July 26 – Friday August 21st, 2020
Cost: $2625

*Please be advised that this page previously contained an error in the price listings for the Greenway- Leadership 1 programs. These prices have been updated to correspond to the prices on our CampBrain registration forum. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this misinformation may have caused.*

*prices are subject to change without notice

Participants must be turning 15 by December 31, 2020. 

The Greenway program is offered in 2 different four-week sessions. Fun, adventure, challenge and growth are the key elements of this program, which has been carefully designed to help teens develop a wide range of skills in specific outdoor activities. In the Greenway program, leadership participants focus on developing their own ‘hard’ (technical skills in activity areas). They also focus on their role as a group member and effectively working within a group. Through individual skill development, group experiences and out-trips, participants gain valuable leadership experience.

Greenway participants spend approximately two weeks ‘in camp’. They work on specific individual skills in areas such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, and archery. Participants are encouraged to gain a base-level skills in all of the activity areas as well as develop a higher level of skill in specific areas they choose. In addition to skill development, the Greenway program explores trust and adventure through initiatives, our low and our high ropes courses. They also have the opportunity to complete their Bronze Medallion certification, ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 1, and have unique roles in camp-wide activities.

While on trip Greenways, participate in a 2-week sea kayaking/canoeing wilderness expedition on the North Channel and in Killarney Provincial Park. This trip allows participants to continue their development of outdoor living skills and to be a part of the group dynamics of living in a tight community for an extended period of time.

Norquay – Leadership 2

Norquay: June 28th – August 21st, 2020
Cost: $4525

*prices are subject to change without notice

Participants must be turning 16 by December 31, 2020.

Group work, counselling, fun, and adventure are all at the core of the Norquay program. The Norquay program gives participants extensive experience in ‘soft’ (counselling) skills. Participants focus on counselling, teaching, group dynamics, and leadership skills in camp and on out-trips. The program enhances each participant’s ability to work successfully within a group to promote understandings of basic needs and relationships between the individual, the group, and the camp community. Although participation in the Greenway program is not required prior to the Norquay program, similar camp or outdoor experiences are beneficial to participants. Norquay participants will have the opportunity to register between two whitewater river trip options.  

NORQUAY A - Participants will go on trip in July and follow the path of the last 10 years of NorquaysTravelling down the Missinaibi River from Dog Lake to James Bay. They will get to experience the cascades of Thunderhouse falls and the beauties of Hell’s Gate Canyon.

NORQUAY B - Participants will go on trip in August and blaze new ground for JIC travelling down the Bright Sand River into the Allanwater River and then into Wabakimi Provincial Park. Once in Wabakimi Provincial Park they will travel the wilderness lake of Wabakimi to the Kopka River, where they experience granite cliff faces, swim under waterfalls, and marvel in the canyons of the Kopka river. 

Before going on trip, Norquays will participate in packing and preparing for their expedition. While on trip Norquays will spend time learning about peer leadership, understanding the theories behind group dynamics and development, and continue to refine their out-tripping skills while completing their ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 2 certification. 

While at camp they will spend time learning counselling skills, completing their Bronze Cross certification, mentoring younger campers while participating in a cabin placement, and have unique rolls in camp-wide activities.  

* Please note that prior participation in the Greenway Program is not a prerequisite for the River Norquay Program. 

High School Credit Program

John Island Camp has partnered with the YMCA Academy to offer high school course credits for our Greenway and Norquay leadership programs. Registration in the High School Credit Program is optional however only participants that register will be awarded the high school credit.
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