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After Hours Service Supervisor

After Hours Service Supervisor

Website Kina Gbezhgomi Child & Family Services


  • Provides supervisory coverage and manage the service staffing: Provides regular and ad hoc supervision to staff assigned to the team.
  • Provide consultation and direction to workers both in and out of the office.
  • Make decisions based on an analysis of available information, consideration of the various options, evidence informed practice and best practices.
  • Provide resolutions to complaints.
  • Approve safety, verification, placement, and other case-related decisions.
  • Ensure compliance with the Child and Family Services Act, regulations, Ministry standards, and agency policies and procedures.
  • Review and approve documentation and recording completed by staff.
  • Coach staff providing critical feedback regarding their clinical knowledge, skills, and work performance.
  • Ensure staff is acquiring and updating knowledge and skills and oversee orientation and training opportunities.
  • Oversee organization of files and records.
  • Liaise with other supervisors and manage scheduling of staff to ensure staff coverage.
  • Review and approve time sheets, expenses, staff mileage, and requests for leave.
  • Ensure workers caseloads are covered when workers are absent.
  • Participate in staff screening and selection.
  • Approve all overtime, compensatory time, flex time and vacation requests.
  • Conduct regular team and function meetings.
  • Hire, train, supervise, evaluate performance and manage staffing resources for the team including responding to staff complaints and/or providing discipline as required.
  • Attend management and staff group meetings.
  • Create an anti-oppressive work environment, actively promoting and modeling respect, cultural awareness and inclusiveness.
  • Provide reports, statistics, and other information.
  • Assist in the development of agency policies and procedures.
  • Provide backup coverage for other agency policies and procedures.
  • Represent the agency at various community events, including public speaking opportunities to key stakeholders.
  • Create a learning environment within the team and participate in quality assurance and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Participate in First Nation community based conferencing, traditional gatherings/ceremonies.  Participate in traditional circles and implement plans in accordance with the Firs Nation community models.
  • Consult and liaise with First Nation Band Representatives, Chief and Council as required. .
  • Represent the agency within professional and community based networks and organizations on the First Nations and/or the Urban First Nation population.
  • Provide direction and participate in the implementation of culturally appropriate services to First Nation families and communities.
  • Work effectively with clients, First Nations service collaterals, colleagues, senior management and other community agencies and service collaterals.
  • Provide clinical supervision and manage ongoing protection, child/youth in care, specialized services: Provide consultation, supervision and direction to frontline workers, authorizing case openings, protection investigations, case transfers and closures, and or child/youth in care recordings or specialized services.
  • Ensure service planning is fully implemented with families/children in conjunction with the First Nation.
  • Provide support and clear direction to staff in crisis situations and in preparing court applications.
  • Make final decisions in all case related issues.
  • Meet regularly with the First Nations representatives and service collaterals.
  • Attend court as required.
  • Participate as a Senior Management team member relative to the completion of agency and MCYS audits within the respective service departments along with quality assurance and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Perform general management duties: Provide reports, statistical analysis and other service information as required.
  • Participate in agency and community based committees.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of Agency policies and procedures.
  • Provide coverage to other service teams including after-hours service supervision.
  • Prepares and presents evidence for Family Court as required.



  • Assist in developing and drafting policies and procedures.
  • Participate in presenting to professional and community groups within the respective First Nation, local and external partners including the urban agencies serving First Nations’ members.
  • Understand and follow the Agency policies, procedures and service principles.
  • Must participate and have knowledge of agency based and external committees related to children’s services and integrate knowledge into the practice of the community based models and best practices.



  • Expert knowledge of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, Child Protection Standards, Ministry of Children and Youth Services Regulations, Guidelines and Policy Directives, Case Management and Supervision requirements particularly in relation to the delivery of Child and Family Services.
  • Expert knowledge of Indigenous history, legislative rights, First Nation community models and holistic and Indigenous models of healing and wellness.
  • Expert knowledge of Customary Care and the philosophy of service development and delivery; and, the communities and family structure specifically in relation to local First Nation customs and traditions.
  • Good knowledge of the standards for children in care including recording timelines, reporting practices including PACY and Serious Occurrence, along with new legislative amendments relative to protection services for 16-17 year old.
  • Good knowledge of the provincial Outside Placement Resources through OARTY and group home systems including specialized treatment placement admission processes and specialized rate agreements.
  • Working knowledge of the administrative structure and operations of the Agency including the service delivery model, policies, procedures, and guidelines related to children’s’ services and foster care services.
  • Working knowledge of youth justice and mental health services and other community resources available for youth in care and for youth support.
  • Knowledge of the structure and operations including the member First Nations, external services and service agencies in the area.
  • Demonstrated ability to prepare comprehensive narrative and statistical reports regarding First Nation Child and Family Services delivery.
  • Demonstrated ability to influence and facilitate community group decision-making processes through knowledge, ideas, and service delivery experience.
  • Extensive experience in designing, planning and delivering training workshops.
  • Ability to establish and maintain purposeful relationships with Family Service Workers, clients, First Nations service partners, subordinates, colleagues, other organizations and management.
  • Knowledge and the ability to interpret and apply a wide range of social work practices, principles and First Nations based practices with respect to protection and placements of children at risk and understanding the principles and goals of families in crisis.
  • Knowledge of First Nations issues as these relate to child welfare
  • Must be able and willing to work in partnership with First Nations families, Elders and communities to provide best practice for First Nations children and families.
  • Proven knowledge of theories of human behaviours and family systems along with the proven ability to apply social work theories in assessments, planning, implementation (action), measure and monitor to ensure competence and excellence of the provision of services.
  • Proven knowledge of Native Wholistic Theories of Healing through the Medicine Wheel Concepts, Cultural Healing Practices through Ceremony, Cultural assessment tools, Traditional Oral and Visual Teachings, Native Family Systems in areas of planning towards Mino Pimatisiwin.
  • Strong commitment to helping Anishinaabe children and their families with having provided services in ways that respect Anishinaabe cultural and spiritual practices.
  • Commitment to providing service in the Anishinaabe context of extended family and community involvement.
  • Excellent supervisory, planning and organization, problem-solving, decision-making, interpersonal, and leadership skills.
  • Ability to work within a multi-disciplinary Traditional Child Welfare Management Team.
  • Working knowledge of group dynamics supported with working knowledge in consultation and conflict resolution techniques.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability to take direction and to work within the policies, procedures, and guidelines, mission, philosophy, and core values of the Agency.
  • Ability in management of human resources.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, Frontline (Penlieu) and Internet.



  • Bachelor of Social Work Degree or a Bachelor Degree in a related discipline deemed appropriate.
  • At least (3) years’ of successful employment experience within a child welfare environment with progressive levels of responsibility, including (2) years of in front-line service delivery of Child Welfare Services.
  • Experience in the delivery of First Nation Child and Family Services is preferred.
  • Comprehensive experience in Child Welfare Frontline Case Management systems and Child Welfare recordings.
Salary Rate: Salary Not Available
Hours Per Week: 35
Start date: 2021-08-10
Phone Number: (705) 370-2100
Contact Name: Human Resources

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