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Employment Services

Find your ideal job or settle into your new community with YMCA services.


Since 1985, YMCA Employment Services has been committed to assisting the local business community with its human resources needs. As a holistic service provider, we offer a professional, skilled and modern service. We assist with the integration of new employees, in the education of diversification and in the benefits of hiring an inclusive and culturally sensitive work environment.

  • We respond to the ever-changing business climate, offering responsive services.
  • Our professional staff will work with you to formulate a plan that is sure to address your business needs in a timely manner and with guaranteed results.
  • We offer a welcoming space for a multitude of services including interviewing, job fairs, career training, staff training and more!
  • Our resources can help offset training costs, support talent growth and development and help support long term job retention
  • FREE job postings (online and in house)

To place a job order with YMCA Employment Services, please select the link below and return the completed form via email to: or contact our office to speak with one of our Employment Specialists today.

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) is a Government-funded grant that offsets the cost of training for new and existing employees.

What employers have to say…

“The YMCA Employment services supported my business by being there as a partner in our recruiting objectives. They supported us by: advertising our job fair, in providing information on current HR practices, pre-screening applicants, joining our team of recruiters, interviewing and identifying job matches. The YMCA provided insight into each candidate by offering unbiased assessments and program assistance, which helped both our business and applicants. They are dedicated to maintaining a positive and mutually beneficial partnership. Their attitude and willingness to help is a big part of why I chose to partner with YMCA Employment Services. They have an amazing service; wonderful and dedicated staff and I would recommend them to any business or individual.”
− Tyler Arseneau, Franchise Owner of Urban Air Adventure Park, Sudbury Ontario

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