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YMCA Community Action Network

The YMCA Community Action Network; focuses on engaging youth age’s 15+ in an innovative service project, while providing them with the opportunity to work towards volunteer hours. The program is a project under the Canada Service Corps and allows youth to develop leaderships skills such as project development and community stakeholder involvement. Some of the focuses in the program are;

  • Working with stakeholders in the community
  • Financial literacy
  • Ownership of project management
  • Addressing social service issues through personal experiences
  • Employability skills
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Marketing

We work with frameworks such as experiential learning, the ARC model of youth development and growth mindset. Our goal is to foster 21st century competencies in youth and develop young leaders working towards a culture of service.

To get involved, please contact:

Katie Runions
Phone: 705-561-3798

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