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NEW: Espanola YMCA Day Camp

The YMCA of Northeastern Ontario in partnership with the city of Espanola is thrilled to offer this fantastic Day Camp location for summer 2024! We will be offering 8 weeks of fun and safe day camp experiences, perfect for any campers looking for a great camp experience! With all the great program options and staff who know how to make the most of them, your summer will be full of fun!

Registration opens February 28 at 7:00am!

Camp Fees

Fee: $175.00
Short Weeks: $140.00

We believe that all children should experience the magic of day camp no matter their financial circumstance. Payment options are available.

Click on the camps below for more information!

Available Camps

Ages 6-12

Dive into the ultimate sports extravaganza with our Multi-Sport Camp, the premier choice for sports enthusiasts of all kinds! Each day promises a thrilling exploration of a new sport, including soccer, kickball, ultimate frisbee, flagfootball and more. The action-packed lineup will undoubtedly leave campers happily exhausted and ready for an early bedtime by day’s end. Moreover, our All Sorts of Sports Camp brings in special guests to provide expert insights and hands-on lessons in various sports, enhancing the overall experience for our campers. Join us for a dynamic week of skill-building, teamwork, and a whirlwind tour through an array of exciting sports activities!

Available Week:
July 8-12
August 6-9 (4 Day)

Ages 6-12

Embark on an exciting journey of self-sufficiency with our Outdoor Living Skills Camp! Delve into the heart of nature as you acquire indispensable abilities such as constructing robust shelters, mastering the art of fire building, honing knot-tying techniques, identifying various trees, and tracking wildlife. This immersive camp is your gateway to making the most of your time in the woods!   

Available Week:
July 22-26
August 19-23

Ages 6-12

Embark on the ultimate hands-on journey into the world of Building Science! Prepare for an exhilarating week of construction, creativity, and the thrill of assembling cool projects. Dive into the realms of various branches of science as you participate in exciting experiments that offer a deeper understanding of the wonders around us. Engage in the fascinating intersection of science and engineering, where campers not only build but also explore the principles that make it all work. Join us for a week of discovery, innovation, and the joy of bringing science to life through the art of building! 

Available Week:
July 2-5 (4 Day)
July 29-August 2

Ages 6-12

Start your creative journey at our Nature Art Camp, where campers delve into the beauty of self-expression through the wonders of nature. This unique experience invites participants to explore the elements and principles of art, all while fostering a deep and meaningful connection with the great outdoors. Throughout the camp, campers will engage in a variety of art projects that not only hone their artistic skills but also serve as a canvas for their personal connection to nature. Join us for a week of imaginative exploration, where the boundless inspiration of the natural world meets the canvas of artistic expression! 

Available Week:
July 15-19
August 12-16

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