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Canada Connects

Canada Connects creates meaningful connections between newcomers and long-time Canadians and established immigrants. Canada Connects matching activities support the two-way street of newcomers’ integration by fostering inter=cultural awareness and acceptance, and supporting volunteers to better understand the contribution of immigrants and the challenges they face in Canada.

Be a Canada Connects Volunteer and make a difference. 

For more information and to start volunteering, please contact or call 705-690-4126.

Long-time Canadian Citizens or established newcomers who are well connected to the local communities.

Volunteers support newcomers by providing information and insights into Canadian customs, culture, social, political & economic context to their new community. They also introduce newcomers to formal and informal social and employment networks.

Attending volunteer training sessions and keep all matters confidential.

By volunteering, you can develop better cross-cultural awareness, communication, and sensitivity. You also can gain fulfillment from helping newcomers settle more effectively in our community.

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