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Adventure Camp Sessions – Ages 7 to 14

Adventure Camp ‘C’: Sunday July 30 – Friday August 4 2023

Adventure Camp ‘E’: Sunday August 20 – Friday August 25 2023

Cost: $940 plus tax

*Prices are subject to change without notice

Adventure awaits! This program packs all the excitement of Youth Camp into an action packed 6 day experience. Our Adventure Camp sessions prioritize community living, trying new things, and relationship building.

Streamlined Programs

We want to ensure every camper can pursue activities that excite them! Prior to camp, each camper will select 2 personalized Program Streams. Each day, Campers will attend both Streams which provide opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in their favourite activities. At the end of the session, campers receive a written report from their instructor showing their progression in each Stream.

All Streams combine our most popular programs to create an engaging program that focuses on personal growth and skill development:

  • Adventure Stream: With a key focus on team building and personal challenge. Campers can expect to participate in High Ropes, Low Ropes, Team Puzzles, & Group Initiatives. Campers will gain knowledge in climbing etiquette, basic knot tying, safe spotting, and team belay techniques.
  • Creativity Stream: For campers with a more artistic soul! Campers will participate in activities like tye-dying, painting, music, and the dramatic arts! This stream culminates in the preparation and performance at closing campfire lead by the campers of the Creativity stream.
  • Outdoor Living Skills Stream: With a heavy focus on all things in the great outdoors! Campers will have the opportunity to learn more about seasonal survival skills like campfire building, shelter building, leave no trace principles, and archery. Campers in the ODLS stream will also participate in a one night hiking trip on John Island.
  • Waterfront Stream: For anyone with an interest in mastering the art of boating, This is the stream for you! Campers will learn safety techniques while on the water and how to properly utilize Kayaks, Canoes, and Sailboats. Campers will have the opportunity to participate in a Paddle and Picnic where they travel to a nearby island for a cookout lunch!

Cabin Life

Two counsellors are assigned to each cabin group and will live in cabin with campers throughout the entire session. As a group, campers and staff plan engaging cabin activities, eat meals together and will embark on a

Each day, campers and counsellors participate in programs planned specifically for their cabin group. These programs are age appropriate and consist of programming from across all the activity areas at John Island Camp. Campers will also participate in camp traditions such as Evening Programs, Theme Days and Colour Wars!

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