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We at YMCA John Island Camp are very excited to learn, play and explore outside! While we are not able to be at camp, we have put together some resources to learn and play at home.

We will do our best to update with new lessons and activities as often as we can!

Colouring Pages:

Play Outside Challenges:

Download and print our Play Outside Challenges! After you complete each challenge have a parent or guardian sign next to it on your sheet. If you bring a signed sheet to camp with all of the challenges complete, give it to your counsellor and you can win a fun prize of your choice for your whole cabin!

Prizes include:

  1. A bedtime story with Gary
  2. An out-lunch to a special site at camp
  3. A beach party camp spa cabin time block


Play outside challenge (1)

I-Spy (2)

Photo Scavenger Hunt (1)


Here are a few of our favourite trip recipes for you to make at home to practice for out-trip when you get to camp! Make sure that you are respecting fire-bans and being creative if there are ingredients that you can’t get right now (and let us know if you find a really cool substitution!)

Fried Granola

Lazy Pierogies

Camping CalzoneRecipe_

Hudsons Bay Bread


Get creative and build something that will last with these cool crafts that we were going to do during our Outdoors Centre season! We always love to see your results so send them our way if you are especially proud of how your craft turns out!

Fire-ban Campfire

Fairy Doors Craft (1)

Sand Art

Personal Choice Activities:

Did you register for a “PCA” for the upcoming season? Check out the sheets and goals associated with our new program delivery system so you know what to expect and can work on achieving your top level award!

Reach out to if you need any help or have any questions!

Archery:Archery Updated Program Sheet

Canoeing: Canoeing Updated Program Sheet

Drama: Drama Updated Program Sheet

Guitar:Guitar Updated Program Sheet

High Ropes: High Ropes Updated Program Sheet

Kayaking: Kayaking Updated Program Sheet

Land sports: Land-sports Updated Program Sheet

Low Ropes: Low Ropes Updated Skill Sheet

ODLS: Outdoor Living Skills Updated Program Sheet

Sailing: Sailing Updated Program Sheet

Windsurfing: Windsurfing Updated Program Sheet

Lesson Planning Rubric: Gold Standard Lessons Rubric



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